It’s a beginning…….

It took five decades for pickleball to emerge from the backyard of an island cottage near Seattle and blossom as the national sport  we know today, with its national organization (USAPA) and a recent National Open Champion  (Marcin Rozpedski of The Lakes CC and formerly our assistant tennis pro).

Now we’re beginning to see some local action, with two desert tournaments in 2015 and another “Picklebowl” tourney nearby in early February.   We also have available some more pickleball events that  you and yours can enjoy:

O There’s currently several scheduled play days/times here at the Club: Mondays and Saturdays from 3-5pm and Thursday’s from 5:30-7pm with the option of a bar menu treat after play. All levels of players are welcome and we’ll try to match up talents to your satisfaction, with Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles matches.

O  Our pro, Randy Berg, has a one-hour clinic for beginners on Thursdays at 2pm.

O  We’ve joined a “league” of thirteen other clubs in the Valley for inter-club  play several times a month.

O There’s a pickleball event as part of the “Make A Difference” activities on Saturday, January 16th, with benefits flowing to our employee families’ scholarship fund.

We expect to increase the opportunities for play as interest in this new sport develops further. So please join in and take advantage of one or more of these opportunities ASAP and stay tuned for  more details. As you accepted the invitation to view the blogs on this site, you’ll be getting an email notice when new information is provided. In  separate blogs each week announcing the times of play for the next week, there will be the opportunity to check who’s playing and add your name(s) through the “Leave a Reply”comment” mechanism.

Thanks for your attention. We’d appreciate any comment you’d like to share.

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  1. no wonder I’ve got so many not accepted. But how’d you leave this message? I’m showing that you haven’t accepted and keep resending you and invite and maybe the tab doesn’t work cause you’re already in. Can you read the blog postings now – I just posted one minutes ago? Please let me know.


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