Inter-club Pickleball Play

We’ve been accepted into the fourteen-club pickleball “League.”  While there’s no club winners or losers, trophies, or awards luncheons, there is the competitive fun of inter-club play with “those others” at least twice a month through March (and probably beyond).  In January, we’ve scheduled a match with Trilogy at our club on Sunday, 1/17, at 10am, and another at Andalucia on Wednesday, 1/20, at 11am.  We need at least 8 players for each day to play mixed, men’s and women’s doubles and can work in a few more players each day, if needed. We’ll try to accommodate as many of our currently active players as possible, so everyone gets to play as much as feasible.

So please let us know ASAP your interest (as a single or pair) in playing either one or both of these days. Just send a “Leave A Reply” message  to let us know when you plan to play. Please get back to one of the Dinking Committee members below if you have any questions.

See you on the courts.

Your Pickleball Dinking* Committee

  • The Pickleball Dinking Committee includes the following members who are ready to hear your comments, suggestions or answer questions. They are: Rod & Nancy Smith ( or 760-200-1036); MJ Chapman ( or 760-568-6357); Dave Garfinkel ( or 760-834-8690)

* “Dinking” is unique to pickleball and refers to that funny but effective pickleball tactic (of tapping the ball just over the net) we all love and admire.

PS: Remember there’s a pickleball event as part of the “Make A Difference” activities on Saturday, January 16th, with benefits flowing to our employee families’ scholarship fund. We would really like to have you participate, putting our pickleball “community” in the forefront of support for our people.


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