Sunday’s Match with Andalusia….

Hello team,  I’m waiting for the Andalusia captain to give me the names of their players, so they can be inserted below.  However, based on those “signed up” to play, I’ve drafted the Order of Play for our side below.  You’ll note that there’s two rounds of three games each, like last Sunday, but both mixed doubles. This is because I’m told they have 6 women and only 2 men (I was also told that a couple of their women can “hang” very well with the men ).  Also,  if one or two more of us want to play Sunday, we can gladly include them in the play (see footnote), so  use “Leave a Reply” below if you’d like to play, and we’ll try to fit you in.  Our goal is to have the right number so everyone plays at least 4 games, and maybe 6.

Many of Sunday’s players are playing in our Saturday open play at 3pm. We can hone our games for what may well be a tough match Sunday.


Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 10am


      ROUND ONE – MIXED DOUBLES                                           ROUND TWO – MIXED DOUBLES

Court 1                                                                                                Court 1

 Dave Chapman & MJ Chapman  *                                           Dave  Chapman & Jim Archibald *

                              Vs.                                                                                                  Vs.

               Zan & Angie Chupik                                                               Zan Chupik & Pete Case

Court 2                                                                                             Court 2

Steve Granik & Janette Granik  *                                           Jim Archibald & MJ Chapman *

                          Vs.                                                                                                      Vs.

Court 3                                                                                           Court 3

Jim Archibald & Paula Devries *                                         Greg Lefebre & Janette Granik *

                          Vs.                                                                                                Vs.

Court 4                                                                                          Court 4

Greg Lefebre & Dixie Lefebre *                                            Dave Chapman & Dixie Lefebre *

                         Vs.                                                                                                     Vs.


* The first team to finish playing the first game in the first round will replace the male/female player with our extra players ( ), who will play one game and then play another game when the first one of the other three teams finishes their second game. The replaced players will stay with their court for any subsequent play. A similar routine will be used in the second round but with different extra players ( ).