This Week’s Play (1/31-2/6)…….


Open play and clinic this week should give us a chance to further hone our skills for the next inter-club challenge (see below):

Monday (2/1/) @ 3-5pm – open play

Thursday (2/4) – our pro, Randy Berg, has a one-hour clinic for beginners @ 2pm (signup thru the Tennis Desk).

Thursday Eve (2/4) @ 5:30-7pm – open play.

Saturday (2/6) @ 3-5pm – open play.

Please leave a “Leave A Reply” message below to let us know when you plan to play the schedule times or if you are interested in one of the inter-club events.


The third USAPA-sanctioned tournament in the Desert will be played at the Palm Desert Resort (next door) this Thursday through Supper Bowl Sunday (hence the “PickleBowl” reference). It’s an opportunity to see some of the best pickleball available, with a number of national champs playing, such as our former Asst. Tennis Pro Marcin Rozpedski, who recently won the Men’s Open Single Championship. On Wednesday, you can check  for more information on play times, etc.  If you do attend,  remember there’s no kibitzing allowed as your blog/writer (me, who is injured and withdrew from this action) is a referee-in-training at this event.

See you on the courts.




See you on the courts.

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