This Week’s Open Pickleball Schedule……..

Shadow Hills came to the Club on Valentine’s Day (Sunday, 2/14) and we played a round (2 sets of 2games each), then a round of Men’s/Women’s Doubles, followed by a round of “Swapping” Mixed Doubles (one of theirs with one of ours). They were a very formidable  challenge (as you might expect from a 3000-home community with strong pickleball interest and support). Anyways, appropriately exhausted, we all repaired to JKs for an enjoyable lunch together ( and, in the end, even handed out VDay balloons to little tykes near our tables). We’ll need to continue sharping our skills to stay viable in this league, even though it’s largely a fun-based inter-club format. Next up is Palm Desert Greens, so stay tuned and keep dinking, which leads us to the following

Open Play Schedule:

Monday (2/15) @ 3-5pm – This open play time may be lightly attended, given the above and a holiday weekend, so check for signups , here and at the Tennis Desk.

Thursday (2/18) – our pro, Randy Berg, has a one-hour clinic for beginners @ 2pm (signup thru the Tennis Desk and subject to a minimum number of members participating).

Thursday Eve (2/18) @ 5:30-7pm – a popular open play that has the option of enjoying a bar menu get-together after playing.

Saturday (2/20) @ 3-5pm – another popular open play time.

Please leave a “Comment” message below to let us know when you plan to play the scheduled Open Play times,  if you are interested in future inter-club matches, or have any thoughts about other play times that would fit your schedule, particularly with the weather heating up. We welcome new ideas.

Ciao, Your “Dinking” Committee



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  1. David and I will both be there tomorrow afternoon. I will be there Thursday night, and both of us Saturday afternoon. As I was reading your comments about our match today and needing to sharpen our skills, I thought you said “keep drinking” and then then realized it was “keep dinking”. Pretty funny!


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