This Week’s Open Play (2/22-2/27) ……….

Open Play Schedule:

Monday (2/22) @ 3-5pm – This open play time may be lightly attended, so check for signups here or at the Tennis Desk.

Thursday (2/25) – our pro, Randy Berg, has a one-hour clinic for beginners @ 2pm (signup thru the Tennis Desk and it’s subject to a minimum number of members participating).

Thursday Eve (2/25) @ 5:30-7pm – a popular open play time that has the option of enjoying a bar menu get-together after playing.

Saturday (2/27) @ 3-5pm – another popular open play time.

A Canada vs. US Pickleball Matchup? The idea of a members Canadian vs. US match was explored with  Val Bittner, who someone (?) described as the “Commissioner,” which she vehemently denyed.  Anyways, we mutually thought it a good idea. After all, the golfers have this event, so why not pickleballers. We’ll get to know each other, create a solid lobbying block for the future of PB at the Club, and add to our strength in playing inter-club  league matches (we’ve had three fun ones already). So, if you’re interested, let us know with a “Comment” below and/or let Val know. We’ll schedule this fun event if there’s enough interest (no scores or winners named, just a fun time) .

Please leave a “Comment” message below to let us know when you plan to play the scheduled Open Play times,  if you are interested in future inter-club matches, or have any thoughts about other play times that would fit your schedule, particularly with the weather heating up. We welcome new ideas.

Ciao, Your “Dinking” Committee

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Open Play (2/22-2/27) ……….

  1. I would like to play tomorrow Monday 2/22 and I would also like to participate in the US/Canada challenge.


  2. I will not be able to make it today. Hope to be there Thursday night. Will be gone after that till march 10.


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