This Week’s Open Play (2/29-3/5)…..


Here’s a photo from the Inter-Club match at Andalusia CC back in January (our team’s on the left).

Open Play Schedule:

Monday (2/29) @ 3-5pm – This open play time may be lightly attended, so check for signups here or at the Tennis Desk.

Thursday Eve (3/3) @ 5:30-7pm – a popular open play time that has the option of enjoying a bar menu get-together after playing.

Saturday (3/5) @ 3-5pm – another popular open play time.

Change in Open Play?  With daylight saving time beginning on Saturday (3/13), we should consider changing the open play times to 4-6pm to avoid the heat.  Also, how about adding Wednesday @ 4-6pm to the schedule, as there’s quite a gap between Mondays and Thursday evenings. Let have your “comment” below on these changes.

A Canada vs. US Pickleball Matchup?  As discussed in last week’s posting, the idea of a members Canadian vs. US match was explored with  the other group of members that use the courts. Their spokesperson said they’d rather stay as an independent group.  Perhaps we’ll be able to schedule this fun event sometime in the future if there’s enough interest (no scores or winners named, just a fun time) .

Inter-Club Match with The Lakes This inter-club match is scheduled for Saturday (3/20) at The Lakes, so mark your calendars and let us know your interest and availability in the “Comment” section below.

Please leave a “Comment” message below to let us know when you plan to play the scheduled Open Play times,  if you are interested in future inter-club matches, or have any thoughts about other play times that would fit your schedule, particularly with the weather heating up. We welcome new ideas.

Ciao, Your “Dinking” Committee