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Mixed Doubles, Dinks and Side/Slides….

Hey Pickleballers,

Here’s a link below to watch a video of a recent Gold Metal 5.0 Mixed Doubles match, with all the dinking and side/slide positioning you might expect.  Let’s see some of these maneuvers at the next Open Play time, tomorrow from 5:30-7pm .  Let us know ASAP if you’re playing with a “Comment” below.

PS: Not a bar menu night at the Club, but there are other delicious places, of course.

Saturday’s Pickleball @ 3-5pm?????…

Hi Pickleballers,

Some have early Saturday dinner reservations, so what about starting play at 3pm tomorrow, rather than 4pm? Let me know in “Comment” if this is a problem. Otherwise, we expect a good attendance and plenty of pickle tomorrow at 3pm.

Your “Dinking” Committee




This Week’s Open Play …………….

Here’s the framed-flyer just installed at the Tennis Desk. The hope is to encourage all members to join in the pickleball fun at the Club, signup for information emails and come at the open play times.


Indian Ridge/The Lakes players at the inter-club match at The Lakes on March 20
“Join in the pickleball fun at the Club. Here’s the schedule of open play each week, when all members and member-guests are welcomed and helped to learn and enjoy the game:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 4-6pm

It’s recommended that you check the latest postings on the blog site to confirm schedules, signup for open play and join in matches with other clubs in the Valley. If you leave your name and email address here at the desk, you will be invited to receive regular information emails on pickleball activities.”


Today’s Inter-Club Match with The Lakes

Here’s evidence of a good time had by all. It was a pleasure to play The Lakes members in a vigorous, serious but fun-fulled morning of pickleball. The “thank you” email below was sent to their pro, Marcin Rozpedski*, and their captain, Peter Lambert,
along with a handsome group photo.
“Hey Marcin,
 The Indian Ridge players had an enjoyable match this morning at your good Club.
Here’s a group picture to prove it. Congrads to your Bob and Pete for leading us on.
 Rod and the Indian Ridge “Dinkers””
* Ranked Pickleball #1  since his national  win in November.

Open Play Tomorrow (Saturday @ 4pm)….

We expect a number of players for the 4 pm Open time tomorrow. Besides sharpening our individual skills,  we’ll review the team assignments for those playing in the inter-club match with The Lakes on Sunday morning*. So, please  “Comment” below that you’ll be there tomorrow and then….. show up!

Your Pickleball “Dinking” Committee

*Here’s the list of confirmed players to-date for Sunday’s match with The Lakes:  MJ Chapman, Rod & Nancy Smith, Jeff Pooley, Dave Ross, Quinn Ross, Charlene Nelson (?), Judy Bemis, Laurie Lyons



Tomorrow’s Play and Sunday’s Match With The Lakes….


There’s pickleball tomorrow at 3pm rather than the planned 4pm time (as “the guys” had already “booked” the time).  However, all are welcomed, particularly the gals, as we need to work on our mixed doubles capability in advance of the next inter-club match (see below).


We’re looking forward to this Sunday’s match, 10am at The Lakes CC, and need to send our roster to them ASAP. Here’s who have said, or otherwise acknowledged, they are availability to play:

MJ & David Chapman, Nancy & Rod Smith, Jeff Pooley, Charlene Nelson, Nancy Boyce (?), Randy Woods (?)

This will give us coverage for four courts, but we can play more and need at least two backups. So, please confirm today that you are playing (as above) or would like to play in the “Comment” section below.

Ciao, Your “Dinking” Committee


Inter-club Match with The Lakes CC This Coming Sunday (3/20) ………

Indian Ridge’s team (on left) at the Andalusia CC inter-club match last month.

Inter-club matches have proven to be much fun, whether here or at another club, such as the Andalusia match last month. Win or lose (no one adds up the score), it’s always been  a challenging but friendly meeting. So, let’s have your interest and availability shown in the “Comment” section below and we’ll put together the team for our match next Sunday at 10am at The Lakes CC, which is right next to IRCC.  Some have already “answered the call” but we need more players.


Your “Dinking” Committee