Tomorrow’s Play and Sunday’s Match With The Lakes….


There’s pickleball tomorrow at 3pm rather than the planned 4pm time (as “the guys” had already “booked” the time).  However, all are welcomed, particularly the gals, as we need to work on our mixed doubles capability in advance of the next inter-club match (see below).


We’re looking forward to this Sunday’s match, 10am at The Lakes CC, and need to send our roster to them ASAP. Here’s who have said, or otherwise acknowledged, they are availability to play:

MJ & David Chapman, Nancy & Rod Smith, Jeff Pooley, Charlene Nelson, Nancy Boyce (?), Randy Woods (?)

This will give us coverage for four courts, but we can play more and need at least two backups. So, please confirm today that you are playing (as above) or would like to play in the “Comment” section below.

Ciao, Your “Dinking” Committee


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