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It’s U.S. Open week…..

So the first pickleball U.S. Open (pro/am) tournament ever is playing out later this week in Naples, Florida. It’ll provide $$$ for the pro winners and national recognition for all. Locals are represented in the form of  Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes CC) and   Morgan Evans (Shadow Mountain CC). They’re play together in the pro doubles and probably against each other in the pro singles. Also, our inter-club league organizer, Barbara Weintraub,  plays in the women’s doubles. And my Del Rey Beach, Florida,  younger brother has entered two doubles events.  We’ll be reporting results as the week goes on, with some new videos of exciting matches, and I understand that CBS will broadcast some of it.

In the meantime, let’s get out and play some pickleball ourselves. The weather will be cooler for open play at these times:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 3-5pm


Open Play today @ 4-6pm..

Hey Picklers,

Who’s joining Rod today at 4pm for some good play?  Reply below if you can, so we’ll expect you. See you there.

Your Dinking Committee

PS: Case you forget, there’s also Open Play tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:30-7pm and then at 3pm on Saturday.



Pickleball Influence is Growing!!!


Did you see this marketing piece in Saturday’s Desert Sun ? It’s got to be one of the first of its kind in the Valley. We played Andulusia in the inter-club league last January and we were impressed by their devotion to this emerging sport.  While golf and tennis may be a continuing attraction for prospective members,  pickleball’s likely to  attract those who look for a friendly, easy to learn but competitive game that develops skills and sharpens reflexes in a timeframe that’s reasonable and can complement other interests, i.e. golf or tennis in the AM, and Pickle in the PM. It definitely has a bright future. So stay tuned and get out on the courts for Open Play:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 3-5pm

Your Pickleball Dinking Committee


Delinquent Paddle…Where are you?


At the Open Play pickleball session last evening, we lost the companion paddle to the one above. It “wandered” out of a pickleball bag, never to be seen again, as yet. It has a “ – Competition Lite” logo, with a dark blue or black background,and a figure and lines on it face, and the handle wrapped with white Gamma tape. If its whereabouts is known, please direct it back to the owner (the Smiths, maybe leaving it for them at the Tennis Desk). It’s worth $70, with sentimental value.

The lesson here is that, while the Club has paddles available for use, they are not “available” out of players personal paddle/ball bags without their knowledge.

Thanks for your help and attention.

Your Pickleball Committee

Some Interesting Indoor Men’s Doubles Finals…

Hey Pickleballers,

It’s always interesting and informative to watch the best doubles players go after one another.  They glide up to the “kitchen,” start dinking and then all “H” breaks out. Here’s two recent doubles finals to watch, featuring our own Marcyn Rozpedski (of The Lakes CC) and Morgan Evans (of Shadow Mountain  CC). They’re currently the top-ranked doubles team in the US of A . Have a look and then leave any comments/questions about the way this game is played (and hope we can emulate these tactics when next on court?).

Doubles Semi-finals

Roz./Evans Vs. Dawson/Dawson

Your Committee