Open Play Times in April….

Here’s the framed-flyer, revised for April, being installed at the Tennis Desk.  The main change is starting play at 3pm on Saturdays (rather than 4pm) to accommodate those with dinner plans; of course, some can come later if it’s really hot at 3pm. The hope in posting Open Play at the Desk is to encourage all members to join in the pickleball fun at the Club, signup for information emails and come at the open play times.

The inter-club match with The Lakes on Sunday, March 20th. A great time had by all!
“Join in the pickleball fun at the Club. Here’s the schedule of open play each week during April, when all members and member-guests are welcomed and helped to learn and enjoy the game:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 3-5pm

It’s recommended that you check the latest postings on the blog site to confirm schedules, signup for open play and join in matches with other clubs in the Valley. If you leave your name and email address here at the desk, you will be invited to receive regular information emails on pickleball activities.”