Some Interesting Indoor Men’s Doubles Finals…

Hey Pickleballers,

It’s always interesting and informative to watch the best doubles players go after one another.  They glide up to the “kitchen,” start dinking and then all “H” breaks out. Here’s two recent doubles finals to watch, featuring our own Marcyn Rozpedski (of The Lakes CC) and Morgan Evans (of Shadow Mountain  CC). They’re currently the top-ranked doubles team in the US of A . Have a look and then leave any comments/questions about the way this game is played (and hope we can emulate these tactics when next on court?).

Doubles Semi-finals

Roz./Evans Vs. Dawson/Dawson

Your Committee

2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Indoor Men’s Doubles Finals…

  1. Rod,

    I watched the videos. Wow! I don’t understand the advantage in some of their strategies, and I also am confused about the angle of their paddles higher than their wrist when serving. I thought you said the paddle had to be below the wrist when serving.




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