Pickleball Influence is Growing!!!


Did you see this marketing piece in Saturday’s Desert Sun ? It’s got to be one of the first of its kind in the Valley. We played Andulusia in the inter-club league last January and we were impressed by their devotion to this emerging sport.  While golf and tennis may be a continuing attraction for prospective members,  pickleball’s likely to  attract those who look for a friendly, easy to learn but competitive game that develops skills and sharpens reflexes in a timeframe that’s reasonable and can complement other interests, i.e. golf or tennis in the AM, and Pickle in the PM. It definitely has a bright future. So stay tuned and get out on the courts for Open Play:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 3-5pm

Your Pickleball Dinking Committee