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You Got The Blues????

With all the rants we have during this political primary season, it’s easy to get the blues. What with America not being great anymore, one can get depressed, moody and feel blue. This sadness can even trickle down to our necessary every day activities, like pickleball. Hah, you say, no one should get the blues when playing this fun game. Well, listen to the lament of one pickleballer, whose partner’s given up on him. Just click the link below and hear his blues.

US Open Men’s Bronze Medal Match…….

Hey Pickleballers,

Here’s a video of our neighbors,  Marcin Rozpedski (pro at The Lakes next door) and Morgan Evans (pro at Shadow Mountain in Palm Desert), playing in the Men’s Doubles Bronze Medal match at the US Open late last month. It’s very close, going a full three games. Just click on the link below and sit back and enjoy some very good PB. Oooh, if after watching you get the urge to play, come on over to the courts at 3pm for some live action (and let us all know if you’re coming in a “comment” below).



A “Dinosaur” Point????

Hi Fellow Pickleballers,

Well maybe some of us look like dinosaurs out there on the court, but do we sound like dinosaurs?  The Pickleball US Open video you can play below features just one point from the Mixed Doubles 30+ Gold Medal Match.  Yeah, just one point, but it’s got every kind of shot in the game. Watch it first in regular speed and then it plays in slow motion, which best shows the shot-making and athleticism involved. In slomo it also sounds like dinosaurs raging at one another.


OoooH, and don’t forget about actually playing pickleball. There’s Open Play at 4pm this Wednesday, which should be nice and cool weather. So, please let us know if you can play by commenting below. The Smiths and Barbara K. expect to play and look for a challenge. Come on down!

Let’s Not Forget….

Yeah, let’s not forget that CBS Sports Network will broadcast an hour’s worth of the first ever US Pickleball Open that was played in Naples, Florida, two weeks ago. Remember that our local stars (Marcin Rozpedski/The-Lakes-pro, Morgan Evans/Shadow- Mountain-pro and Barbara Wintroup/Inter-Club- League-Organizer) won several  Gold Medals in pro and amateur events.  It’ll  show on local channel 94 at 4pm this coming Friday (5/20), and is expected to display some exciting play and reflect the progress the game has made as a rapidly growing national sport. So, have a look on Friday (my plan is to record it so we can view it in decadent style, glass of Malbec in hand).

Back at Indian Ridge, our pickleballers are leaving in numbers (“paddle birds”?), so we’re scratching to get games together. This makes it imperative that those remaining let others know if/when they’d like to play (i.e. “Rod S. expects to play at Wednesday @ 4pm”). So, let’s do it by commenting below.

Ye Ol’ (and fewer) Dinking Committee


Who’s Playing Today (5/14) at 3pm ??????

Hi to All-Those-Left,

While our ranks of pickleballers at Indian Ridge have eroded in recent days, we hope there’s enough left for some good  games in the remainder of May. We know that the Smiths and Dave Garfunkel will be there today at 3pm. Who else?? Please leave a “Comment” below, one way or the other, so we’ll know what to expect.


Ye Ol’ Dinking Committee




Here’s an interesting Pro Women’s Doubles Match from the recent U.S.Open…..

Check out this battle with Christine Barksdale and Catherine Parenteau against Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner for the Bronze medal in the Pro Women’s Doubles category. These four ladies fight hard with some amazing rallies that seem to go on forever, and the score is dangerously close the entire time

Let’s get  to the courts tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm and have our own medal match.

Courtesy of  Ye Ol’ Dinking Committee

Today’s (5/12) Pickle????

Hi All,

Seems numbers are getting smaller as the temperature rises and some people leave for their summer home. Yet yesterday, we had a couple of courts going at 3 -5pm. Not sure who is planning to play today at 5:30. We know that the Smiths can’t, Barbara K. can’t; so  respond to this below if you plan to be there or let us know you’re not.

Saturday at 3pm looks good for some play.

Thanks ,

Ye Ol’ Dinking Committee

Pickle goes on…….

Well, it’s getting warmer, the Arroyo course is closing, the season-ending party was held last Friday, and most of our Canadian friends have departed.  But, you know, that pickleball-urge is still there.  So let’s get out and play. The open times haven’t changed, but maybe we should think about  some evening play under the lights or early morning action (although late afternoon with some shade’s not so bad); your ideas in this regard would be welcomed. Otherwise, let others know, with a “Comment,” when you expect/want to play during these open times:

Monday @ 4-6pm

Wednesday @ 4-6pm

Thursday @ 5:30-7pm

Saturday @ 3-5pm

Ye Ol’ Dinking Committee


More USOpen results…..

We reported yesterday the successes of our local pros, Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes CC) and Morgan Evans (Shadow Mountain CC), at the first pickleball USOpen in Naples, Florida. They won Gold in the Men’s Doubles 30 Age Group. While they lost to another team that won the Gold in the Men’s Doubles Pro Group, Marcin did win Gold in the Pro Singles event. So congrats will go out to them, and Barbara Wintroup, our inter-club league organizer, who also won two gold medals.

If you have a minute or two, check out the last point played in the Men’s Doubles Pro event (Marcin and Morgan on the other side of the net); seems the dinking went on and on before the end. Just click on the following URL+:

See you on the courts.

Your Dinking Committee