Today’s (5/12) Pickle????

Hi All,

Seems numbers are getting smaller as the temperature rises and some people leave for their summer home. Yet yesterday, we had a couple of courts going at 3 -5pm. Not sure who is planning to play today at 5:30. We know that the Smiths can’t, Barbara K. can’t; so  respond to this below if you plan to be there or let us know you’re not.

Saturday at 3pm looks good for some play.

Thanks ,

Ye Ol’ Dinking Committee

2 thoughts on “Today’s (5/12) Pickle????

  1. I think I am done for the season. Leaving next week for the summer. Really enjoyed playing pickleball with everyone.


  2. I am also done for the season. It’s been fun! David might come out this Saturday if not too hot!


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