Let’s Not Forget….

Yeah, let’s not forget that CBS Sports Network will broadcast an hour’s worth of the first ever US Pickleball Open that was played in Naples, Florida, two weeks ago. Remember that our local stars (Marcin Rozpedski/The-Lakes-pro, Morgan Evans/Shadow- Mountain-pro and Barbara Wintroup/Inter-Club- League-Organizer) won several  Gold Medals in pro and amateur events.  It’ll  show on local channel 94 at 4pm this coming Friday (5/20), and is expected to display some exciting play and reflect the progress the game has made as a rapidly growing national sport. So, have a look on Friday (my plan is to record it so we can view it in decadent style, glass of Malbec in hand).

Back at Indian Ridge, our pickleballers are leaving in numbers (“paddle birds”?), so we’re scratching to get games together. This makes it imperative that those remaining let others know if/when they’d like to play (i.e. “Rod S. expects to play at Wednesday @ 4pm”). So, let’s do it by commenting below.

Ye Ol’ (and fewer) Dinking Committee


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  1. Is anybody planning to play Saturday May 21 at 3 pm or I can play at 4 if anybody wants.


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