A “Dinosaur” Point????

Hi Fellow Pickleballers,

Well maybe some of us look like dinosaurs out there on the court, but do we sound like dinosaurs?  The Pickleball US Open video you can play below features just one point from the Mixed Doubles 30+ Gold Medal Match.  Yeah, just one point, but it’s got every kind of shot in the game. Watch it first in regular speed and then it plays in slow motion, which best shows the shot-making and athleticism involved. In slomo it also sounds like dinosaurs raging at one another.


OoooH, and don’t forget about actually playing pickleball. There’s Open Play at 4pm this Wednesday, which should be nice and cool weather. So, please let us know if you can play by commenting below. The Smiths and Barbara K. expect to play and look for a challenge. Come on down!