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Pre-Season Tune ups????

A 2016 Indian Ridge team that played an inter-club match at The Lakes CC


Well, the exciting pickleball season at Indian Ridge is almost here. So, like other sports, we all need to sharpen our games (get to know each other and have some fun, too). The proposed Open Play schedule for October will be out soon but maybe we can gather enough players to get started before then. How about playing some doubles this Friday morning at 8am? We will be there anxiously pacing the courts, so come on down (ACTUALLY, IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF YOU LET ALL OF US KNOW YOU’RE COMING BY NOTING SAME IN THE COMMENT BOX BELOW). Oh, and also let us have your input regarding the days and times you prefer playing as the season gets underway

Your Dinking* Committee.

*Not an odor thing, but the soft, drop-shot technique that’s unique to Pickleball.

Another pickleball season coming up……

Another pickleball season awaits at Indian Ridge CC. Having just arrived back at the Club, we’re looking for some action, and you may be too.  Sooo, mention when you’d like to play in the comment section below. Maybe early one day or under lights, to beat the heat. If you want some inspiration, here’s a video of an extended point in the US Open play last April that displays all the shots one needs.

It should be the best- ever season, with four (4) new courts, inter-club matches, and much more. Be sure to stay tuned, and let us have your comments.

Your Dinking Committee


The Slice……

Hello IRCC Pickleballers:

During our last weeks this summer in Park City, we watched the 2016Tournament of Champions played in way-out-of-the-way Brigham city. We watched Marcin Rozpedski of The Lakes CC and Morgan Evans of Shadow Mountain pick up some medals (see  recent “the Polish Monster” blog for video of Marcin winning the singles). We also watched Sarah Ansbury win the Gold mixed. She’s the one featured in this video below, demonstrating  one of her favorite strokes, the forehand slice. Have a look.

“Want to add a unique stroke to your pickleball game?  Check out this helpful video with Sarah Ansboury as she demonstrates the slice!  We have even included slow motion so you can study the movement as well as pop up tips with instruction.  Sarah has won numerous pickleball medals including Gold in Mixed Doubles at the US Open Pickleball Championships and Tournament of Champions, and we think you can learn a lot just by watching her mastery of this stroke.  The slice is a challenging stroke to add to your arsenal as you play pickleball, but worth the effort as you practice. Watch and learn now!

We’ll see you at the Club when October comes around, when we can have fun trying  out this and other strokes and tactics.


“the Polish Monster”

Probably few of you know of the Tournament of Champions. We didn’t until yesterday. But as we’re still in Park City, about 1-1/2 hour drive above Salt lake City to Brigham City, Nancy & I decided to check it out, particularly after we  learned that both Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes pro) and Morgan Evans (Shadow Mountain CC pro) were both playing in the open men’s singles and doubles. When we arrived in this way-out-of-the-way mile-high venue, we couldn’t figure how they attracted the top players, such as Marcin (#1 nationally). Well, it turns out that it’s the fact that they built a sizable purse (for pickleball pros) over the last five years from friends and sponsors, like Onix.

On a fine weather day, we watched some great doubles play in the Rozpedski/Evans matches, but – alas – they lost the gold medal, and had to be satisfied with a bronze. The photo below I took (with my fingers in the way) caught them smiling after a semi-final win.


We did learn that Marcin won the Men’s Singles Gold the day before against Kyle Yates, from Florida.  Sorry we missed it but we did get the video below that Marcin’s doubles partner produced with some good commentary: like calling him “the Polish Monster,” who “makes you go for the lines” with his aggressive court pressure. Visuals are a bit fuzzy but the commentary sharp. It’s hard-play singles and well worth watching.

Marcin Rozpedski’s 2016 Tournamnet of Championship Win

Hope you enjoyed it. See you all soon back at Indian Ridge.