“the Polish Monster”

Probably few of you know of the Tournament of Champions. We didn’t until yesterday. But as we’re still in Park City, about 1-1/2 hour drive above Salt lake City to Brigham City, Nancy & I decided to check it out, particularly after we  learned that both Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes pro) and Morgan Evans (Shadow Mountain CC pro) were both playing in the open men’s singles and doubles. When we arrived in this way-out-of-the-way mile-high venue, we couldn’t figure how they attracted the top players, such as Marcin (#1 nationally). Well, it turns out that it’s the fact that they built a sizable purse (for pickleball pros) over the last five years from friends and sponsors, like Onix.

On a fine weather day, we watched some great doubles play in the Rozpedski/Evans matches, but – alas – they lost the gold medal, and had to be satisfied with a bronze. The photo below I took (with my fingers in the way) caught them smiling after a semi-final win.


We did learn that Marcin won the Men’s Singles Gold the day before against Kyle Yates, from Florida.  Sorry we missed it but we did get the video below that Marcin’s doubles partner produced with some good commentary: like calling him “the Polish Monster,” who “makes you go for the lines” with his aggressive court pressure. Visuals are a bit fuzzy but the commentary sharp. It’s hard-play singles and well worth watching.

Marcin Rozpedski’s 2016 Tournamnet of Championship Win

Hope you enjoyed it. See you all soon back at Indian Ridge.




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