The Slice……

Hello IRCC Pickleballers:

During our last weeks this summer in Park City, we watched the 2016Tournament of Champions played in way-out-of-the-way Brigham city. We watched Marcin Rozpedski of The Lakes CC and Morgan Evans of Shadow Mountain pick up some medals (see  recent “the Polish Monster” blog for video of Marcin winning the singles). We also watched Sarah Ansbury win the Gold mixed. She’s the one featured in this video below, demonstrating  one of her favorite strokes, the forehand slice. Have a look.

“Want to add a unique stroke to your pickleball game?  Check out this helpful video with Sarah Ansboury as she demonstrates the slice!  We have even included slow motion so you can study the movement as well as pop up tips with instruction.  Sarah has won numerous pickleball medals including Gold in Mixed Doubles at the US Open Pickleball Championships and Tournament of Champions, and we think you can learn a lot just by watching her mastery of this stroke.  The slice is a challenging stroke to add to your arsenal as you play pickleball, but worth the effort as you practice. Watch and learn now!

We’ll see you at the Club when October comes around, when we can have fun trying  out this and other strokes and tactics.