Another pickleball season coming up……

Another pickleball season awaits at Indian Ridge CC. Having just arrived back at the Club, we’re looking for some action, and you may be too.  Sooo, mention when you’d like to play in the comment section below. Maybe early one day or under lights, to beat the heat. If you want some inspiration, here’s a video of an extended point in the US Open play last April that displays all the shots one needs.

It should be the best- ever season, with four (4) new courts, inter-club matches, and much more. Be sure to stay tuned, and let us have your comments.

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4 thoughts on “Another pickleball season coming up……

  1. I won’t be back in the desert until early November, but I am looking forward to playing pickleball. Jeff

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  2. Hi Rodney,

    You have Terri getting your emails, but sometimes she forgets to forward on to me. Neither of us has ever played pickle ball, but we’re taking a lesson next week from Randy Berg, and we’re both tennis players.




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