First Desert Pickleball Tournament Results……..


Well, the first sanctioned desert pickleball tournament of the 2016 season is history:

  • Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes CC Sports Director, formerly an IRCC  Tennis Pro) joined by his  partner, Morgan Evans, Tennis Pro at Shadow Mountain, won “Gold” in the 5.0 Men’s Doubles Skills Event, and then he won another “Gold” in the Women’s Mixed Doubles;
  • Blake Wilcox, Tennis Director at Andalusia and at Palm Valley before that, won “Gold” in the both the Men’s and Women’s Doubles 50+ events; and
  • George Balch, a long-time Indian Ridge member, with his tennis partner, Buzz Summers (81 years old), won “Gold” in the 65+ Men’s Doubles.

Congratulations to all! Oh, I guess I should mention that my self could not repeat with a win in the Men’s Doubles Skills, with my good partner, Steve Granik. Alas,  maybe the event outcome  was “rigged” (just kidding). Anyways, there will be three (3) more such desert tournaments this season, so let’s have some more Indian Ridge players in these very-professionally-run events.


 Thursday & Saturday @ 3-5pm

Friday & Sunday @ 10am–

Please comment below on your plans, so we’ll all have an idea who will be playing at various times and then signup with the Fitness Center Desk before playing. 



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