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Hosting Inter-Club Captain’s Meeting…………

Indian Ridge Pickleballers:

FYI, we’re hosting this year’s Inter-Club Pickleball League Captain’s Meeting this Friday  morning (12/2). Their meeting begins at 11:30am and they’ve been invited to bring their paddles and play some pickleball on our new courts at 10:30. We’re not sure how many will come to play, but there are 24 clubs in the league now, so we should have some action.   Why don’t you plan to come over to the courts at 10:30, welcome the guests and get in some play? Hopefully we’ll see as many of you as can make it and help us show off the courts and our pickleball hospitality. Please comment below if you will be there.

Thank You,

Your Pickleball “Dinking” Committee




Organized Play Time change….

As December comes around, with its cooler weather and shorter days, the Organized Play times (beginning tomorrow – 11/28) for

Monday/Wednesday/Friday are one (1) hour earlier, at 2-4pm. while Saturday and Sunday times stay at 10-12noon.

Hope this works better for all.


New courts being tested on 11/20

While the new courts are nearly done, and the cooler weather upon us, should we rethink the current Organized Play times on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 3-5pm? Should we start at, say, 2pm to get the most out of the sun? Let us know your preference below.

Also, we have Organized Play at 10am on Saturday and Sundays. What do you think of that?  Actually, we can discuss all this on the courts today or tomorrow at 10am. See you there. 

A Preview……

Checking out the new courts, 11/20/16

While not quite complete, this group of avid pickleballers had to check out the new courts. The report is that their very swell and playable. So, if you can work around the “Turkey blahs,” come over and test them yourself. Despite this being a holiday week, we’re expecting some players at the Open Play times:

  • Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10-noon.

Let us know below if/when you’re coming, and let the desk know too (760-772-4432).

See you on the courts.



Almost there……..

Worker lining the center court on Saturday, 11/19



As you can see, the new courts are almost finished. With a number of events planned for this season, like inter-club matches, they’re a welcomed addition.  Also, these four new courts will form a convenient “cluster” that’ll help players readily rotate in and out of matches during Open Play.

Here’s the times for the balance of this week and next, over the Thanksgiving holiday:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon

Let us know below if/when you intend to play, and then let the Fitness Center desk know before then (760-772-4432).

Pickleball in Sloooow Moootion……

Well, we usually witness pickleball being playing at blazing speeds around the Club courts (…where’d you say?).  It’s interesting to see shots in very slow motion; maybe one can pickup tips this way.  Here’s the latest, introductory video of play at the US Nationals VIII in Arizona a week or so ago:

“Where can you get great competition, amazing players and a ton of fun? USAPA Nationals always delivers! Check out this video of the action from USAPA Nationals VIII held earlier this month in Casa Grande, Arizona. Pickleball Channel was excited to be there in the middle of it all to witness the amazing competition that has always set Nationals apart. Check out the great plays, top players and super slow motion footage! “

We expect some more videos of key matches from the Nationals soon. In the meantime, let’s get over to the courts for some open play. Here’s the times for the balance of this week and up to Thanksgiving:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon

Let us know below if you ii/when you intend to play, and then let the Fitness Center desk know before then (760-772-4432).






This week’s stars and Open Play times…

Hey Pickleballers,

Thought you’d like to know that the Valley’s leading players continued to represent us very well at the USAPA National VIII Championships this last weekend, with:

Marcin Rozpedski (The Lakes  Sports Director) winning Golds in the Men’s Singles 35+ and Men’s Open Singles play, as well as Silver in Men’s Open Doubles, along with Morgan Evans  of Shadow Mountain CC.

Congrats to them. So, let’s get out on the courts and see if we can emulate them (well maybe not emulate exactly). Here’s the Open Play times for this week:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon
  • Thursday eve at 5:30-7pm (this can be a play-and-bar-menu-after event)

Let us know your intent to play below., and sign in at the Fitness Desk before playing (760-772-4432). See you on the courts.


Just great points…….


This is a great video of just eleven “amazing” points. Have a look. If it gets you excited, come to the Open Play courts this Saturday and Sunday at 10am and lets get it out of your system.  Let us know below and then let the Fitness Center desk know (760-772-4432).  See you there.




















It’s under way……

20161110_104907  Hello Pickleballers,

Work is proceeding on the new courts. Looks like they’ll be ready next. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, they’ll be open play tomorrow, Friday @ 3-5pm. We’ve had good fun at this time on Monday and  Wednesday, so let us know below if you’ll join in tomorrow and, if so, leave your name at the Fitness Center desk (760-772-4432).

There is also a new special open time this eve @ 5:30-7pm for those who want to play and then do the bar menu. Again, if interested, let us know below and call the Fitness Center.

Your “Dinking” Committee



Let’s play tomorrow, Wednesday 11/9, @ 3-5pm….

Hi IR Pickleballers,

Things are moving on:  full courts yesterday, but four new courts are on the way.  Come over at 3pm tomorrow and join the fun.  Let us know if you plan to play, with a note below and by calling the Fitness Center desk (760-772-4432).

Oh,  we were impressed by the level of play yesterday, particularly among the ladies. We haven’t produced videos (yet) but if you check out the one below, you’ll see how strongly the ladies can play.  One of the ladies in it is Cammy McGregor, who recently won gold in mixed doubles at the Andalusia Challenge with her partner, Marcin Rozpedski, from The Lakes; she’s the one in the full white cap and light blue jersey (starting with her back to us). Have a look.