Jack Kramer was the first, but that was then …….Now!

So here’s a little  quiz.  Do you think that pickleball can give you something more than fun and maybe glory (if you win)? Well, I couldn’t guess until I looked closely at the top left Facebook photo, via the link below. Click on to it and expand the top left photo and you’ll see the Men’s Doubles Gold  winners of last weekend’s Andalusia Challenge. They’re on the left: Marcin Rozpedski, The Lakes Sports Director, who’s a national champ, and his partner, Morgan Evans, Shadow Mountain CC Tennis Pro and also a national champ. If you zoom in, you’ll see the paddle they each hold. These are their signature paddles that  are now on the market . Yes, though you can’t find an endorsed tennis racquet these days, like the old Kramer racquets, pickleball has it stars and their making a statement (and hopefully some money). Good for them and good for us (well, I just bought one, so I’ll have to see how good). Anyways, it’s amazing!


Oh, we had some nice open play at the Club today. Remaining open play times for the rest of  this week are:

Friday (10/4) at 10am, Saturday (10/5) at 3pm, and Sunday (10/6) at 10am  

If you plan to play, please leave a message in the “Reply” box below.