Open Play Schedule for November

Hi Pickleballers,

After some good matches at the courts today,  we had our own “vote” on the schedule for open play* in the next weeks, an unrigged election only days before the biggie on  Tuesday.  Here’s the result:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon
  • Thursday eve at 5:30-7pm (this can be a play-and-bar-menu-after event)

There was thinking that we should avoid conflict with usual golf and tennis morning play times, but if there’s interest in, say, morning open play times during the week, let us know below.  We’ll try to email a reminder before each day’s play, when you can let others know you will be playing (comment in the “Reply” spot) and tell the Fitness Center  desk (760-772-4432) at that time.

See you on the courts,

Your Pickleball “Dinking” Committee

*”Open play” assumes all skill levels are welcomed, providing satisfying experiences for all, in a relaxed atmosphere.