Let’s play tomorrow, Wednesday 11/9, @ 3-5pm….

Hi IR Pickleballers,

Things are moving on:  full courts yesterday, but four new courts are on the way.  Come over at 3pm tomorrow and join the fun.  Let us know if you plan to play, with a note below and by calling the Fitness Center desk (760-772-4432).

Oh,  we were impressed by the level of play yesterday, particularly among the ladies. We haven’t produced videos (yet) but if you check out the one below, you’ll see how strongly the ladies can play.  One of the ladies in it is Cammy McGregor, who recently won gold in mixed doubles at the Andalusia Challenge with her partner, Marcin Rozpedski, from The Lakes; she’s the one in the full white cap and light blue jersey (starting with her back to us). Have a look.


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