Pickleball in Sloooow Moootion……

Well, we usually witness pickleball being playing at blazing speeds around the Club courts (…where’d you say?).  It’s interesting to see shots in very slow motion; maybe one can pickup tips this way.  Here’s the latest, introductory video of play at the US Nationals VIII in Arizona a week or so ago:

“Where can you get great competition, amazing players and a ton of fun? USAPA Nationals always delivers! Check out this video of the action from USAPA Nationals VIII held earlier this month in Casa Grande, Arizona. Pickleball Channel was excited to be there in the middle of it all to witness the amazing competition that has always set Nationals apart. Check out the great plays, top players and super slow motion footage! “


We expect some more videos of key matches from the Nationals soon. In the meantime, let’s get over to the courts for some open play. Here’s the times for the balance of this week and up to Thanksgiving:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon

Let us know below if you ii/when you intend to play, and then let the Fitness Center desk know before then (760-772-4432).






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