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Open Play on Monday, 11/7….

Hi Pickleballers,

There will be open play tomorrow (Monday, 11/7) at 3-5pm.  If you plan to play, please say so in a “Reply” below and then let the Fitness Center desk know (760-772-4432).

See you on the courts tomorrow.

The Pickleball “Dinking” Committee


Open Play Schedule for November

Hi Pickleballers,

After some good matches at the courts today,  we had our own “vote” on the schedule for open play* in the next weeks, an unrigged election only days before the biggie on  Tuesday.  Here’s the result:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 10am-12noon
  • Thursday eve at 5:30-7pm (this can be a play-and-bar-menu-after event)

There was thinking that we should avoid conflict with usual golf and tennis morning play times, but if there’s interest in, say, morning open play times during the week, let us know below.  We’ll try to email a reminder before each day’s play, when you can let others know you will be playing (comment in the “Reply” spot) and tell the Fitness Center  desk (760-772-4432) at that time.

See you on the courts,

Your Pickleball “Dinking” Committee

*”Open play” assumes all skill levels are welcomed, providing satisfying experiences for all, in a relaxed atmosphere.


What’s the rule ???

Hello you pickleballers,

We had a good couple of days at the Club’s courts. Lot’s of dinking and some impressive smashes, but also some confusion about order of play, like who serves or receives when there’s a “side out” after a team loses the service. Let’s start by quoting the rule book (please excuse the necessary but complicated language)

  • “When the serving team’s score is even (0,2,4,6,8,10) the player who was the first server in the game for that team will be in the right-side court when serving or receiving ; when odd (1,3,5,7,9) that player will be in the left-hand court when serving and receiving.”

Well, that settles it! Or maybe not!  So let’s see how that plays out for a few points:

Let’s say team A/B wins the spin and elects to serve first against team C/D.  As the initial serve is always from the right-side of the  court, player A serves from there after calling the score, 0-0-2, which is his/her team’s score (0), the other team’s score (0), with  the “2” recognizing that the team starting to serve in a game only gets to have one player serve, hence the last and only server. From here on in the game, when A/B team’s score is an even number (0, 2,4,..),  “A” will be on the right-side and “B” on the left-side for serving and receiving, and vice versa when their score is an odd number. In this case, “A” relinquishes service, not having gotten a point.

“Side out”  now happens and team C/D serves, with C electing to serve first, from the required right-side of the court.    From here on in the game, when C/D team’s score is an even number (0, 2,4,..),  “C” will be on the right-side court and “D” on the left-side court for serving and receiving, and vice versa when their score is an odd number. “C” then serves after calling the score (0-0-1), their team score (0), the opponent’s score (0), and “1” that recognizes that “C” is the first server of the team. “C” does not make a point so the service goes to “D,” who serves from the left-side court with a score of 0-0-2. Let’s say “D” makes a point and then misses one.

“Side out” now happens and A/B gets the service back, with “A” serving from the right-side with the score 0-1-1 . “A” makes a point and then serves from the left-side with the score 1-1-1 to “C” on their left-side court (remember C’s on the left-side whether serving or receiving when their team score is an odd number  ). “A” doesn’t make point and “B” serves from…… you got it, their right-side ’cause the team score is an odd number (1).  “D” receives on their right-side with their score still an odd number.  So, on and on………

Hope you are informed, if not fallen fast asleep.

Pickleball Sunday???

All the courts were full this afternoon, with a lot of good play. So good, some of us want to keep working on our games and have fun doing it. So there will be players ready to go tomorrow morning. With the time change tonight and more sleep time, let’s start open play at 9am, rather than the 10am scheduled earlier in the week.  Let us know if you plan to play by commenting below. Thanks, and see you on the courts.

Jack Kramer was the first, but that was then …….Now!

So here’s a little  quiz.  Do you think that pickleball can give you something more than fun and maybe glory (if you win)? Well, I couldn’t guess until I looked closely at the top left Facebook photo, via the link below. Click on to it and expand the top left photo and you’ll see the Men’s Doubles Gold  winners of last weekend’s Andalusia Challenge. They’re on the left: Marcin Rozpedski, The Lakes Sports Director, who’s a national champ, and his partner, Morgan Evans, Shadow Mountain CC Tennis Pro and also a national champ. If you zoom in, you’ll see the paddle they each hold. These are their signature paddles that  are now on the market . Yes, though you can’t find an endorsed tennis racquet these days, like the old Kramer racquets, pickleball has it stars and their making a statement (and hopefully some money). Good for them and good for us (well, I just bought one, so I’ll have to see how good). Anyways, it’s amazing!

Oh, we had some nice open play at the Club today. Remaining open play times for the rest of  this week are:

Friday (10/4) at 10am, Saturday (10/5) at 3pm, and Sunday (10/6) at 10am  

If you plan to play, please leave a message in the “Reply” box below.






Pickleball today????

There will be open pickleball today (Saturday, 10/3) at 3pm.  There’s six of us signed up, so come on down (after you sign in at the Fitness Desk, of course). We’ve got a couple of paddles if needed (and mucho balls).

Pickleball Tomorrow?????

Hi Pickleballers,

Here’s a heads-up  for open play pickleball tomorrow (Thursday 11/3) at 3-5pm.

The Shewfelts and Smiths plan to play, so why don’t you join us (letting us know with a reply/comment below). Oh, If you’re new to the game and would like some “how-to” tips on playing the game, also let us know below and come a half-hour earlier.

The Pickleball “Dinking” Committee