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Second Message about Inter-Club League Play for January……

Some of the Indian Ridge players at the match with The lakes CC last season.

I guess this earlier message got caught up in the holiday traffic. We need to know your availability for the two January matches mentioned below. Please reply below if you haven’t already. 

The schedule out for the Inter-Club Pickleball League’s second season, with fifteen teams competing. In January, Indian Ridge has two matches to play. The first is scheduled with the Trilogy Club of La Quinta at Indian Ridge on Saturday, January 14, at 10am.The second is with the Trilogy Polo Club (TPC) of Indio on a date/time yet to be determined; we had invited them for the Saturday morning of January 21. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize there’s a tennis inter-club that day at the Club, so we tried other dates with the TPC captain, but none worked. So, please let us know in a “Reply” below if you are available for the Saturday, January 14, match and also if you would be available if we have to schedule the TPC match here on Saturday, January 21.

Happy New Years and Happy Feet, Too!

How about some pickleball this weekend, now that it appears it’ll be clear Sunday morning. Oh yeah, that’s New Years Day, but it’s important for your health and happiness to get out and do some “pickle.” The courts will be ready at 10am each day, so no excuses (we know a number members are coming, so there’ll be action). Today, New Year’s Eve, we had several courts going.

If you need some encouragement, check this video of youngsters playing at the Nationals last fall. They move so well with their happy feet and seemingly carefree play. Ah, to be young again!

Youth at Nationals

Oh, have a Happy Holiday……..

Santa never made it to Palm Desert, as you can see:

But we did learn a thing about senior campers. Have a look:


OOOOps! So, we need a safer activity in 2017, like pickleball with its Organized Play times on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 2pm and Saturday/Sunday at 10am. See you there.

Top 10 familiar things and then a survey…..

I’ve a brother who runs the Del Rey Beach (Florida) Pickleball Forum. Much of its content is of local interest only. But now and then, he posts something that rings true for pickleballers, wherever they play. Here’s one:


Rather than Letterman’s Top 10, here are Pickleball’s Top 10 Reasons you will LOSE more Pickleball games than you win.

10. Take TOO MANY sharp angle shots rather than high percentage shots down the middle of the court that bounces between your opponents.
9. Hit the ball TOO FAST for good placement, and do NOT give yourself enough leeway for error.
8. Do NOT play up to the No Volley Zone line.
7. Do NOT keep the ball at your opponents feet as much as possible.
6. Get upset with your Excellent Pickleball partner who has SUCCESSFULLY jumped in front of you to win the point!
5. Take away your PARTNER’S easy forehand shots, with your weaker backhand shots.
4. When your opponent hits a very difficult FAST shot at you, try and hit a low percentage sharp angled shot for a winner rather than a DEFENSIVE shot.
3. HELP your opponents by keeping their OUT balls in play.
2. FREQUENTLY miss your return of serve.


Now for something positive, like a survey. We’re thinking of having a “Grand Opening” party,  some time in January or early February, on the four newly-finished premier courts. We’ve been in communication with our former Tennis Pro, Marcin Rozpedski, about the possibility of a clinic and/or exhibition (he’s now the ranking national gold medalist in the pro pickleball ranks and Sports Director at The Lakes CC, next door).  So, what do you think of this idea and would you want to contribute, say, $30 or $50 to participate in a clinic led by the country’s best  pickleballer?  Also, what do you think about having this on a Saturday or Sunday morning, when he’s available and the new courts are at their best for play? Finally, what do you think of having Morgan Evans, another national champ join Marcin in an exhibition, before or after the clinic?      PLEASE GIVE US YOUR  THOUGHTS IN THE “Reply” BOX BELOW.

Lastly, come on down to the courts for some play this Wednesday or Friday from 2-4pm, and Saturday or Sunday from 10am-noon.


Soften those hands….

We’ve learned about dealing with the hard hitters. It involves developing a “soft hands” capability. Here’s a  really good Quick Tip video on the subject.  After watching it, you’ll want to try it out ASAP. They’ll be a chance at Organized Play times this Saturday and Sunday at 10am*.  See you there.

*too windy to try today.



There done……..


Wow, the new courts are done. The three courts on the old ball machine tennis court, as you can see from the pavilion, and the fourth court (below), that was the old basketball court.


Sooo, come on over and play some pickleball this week:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 2-4pm,

and Saturday or Sunday @ 10am-noon.

Let us know below when you’ll be there.

Your Pickleball “Dinking Committee


Weekend Pickleball????

Hey IRCC Pickleballers,

The sun will be shining on our great new courts for organized play over the weekend, on
Saturday and Sunday mornings At 10am – noon. If you can make it, let us know which day or days below.

See you on the courts.

Andy’s doing it….

Hey,  We all suspected that our former Club pro Marcin Rozpedski, now at The Lakes and a top national pickleball champ, would soon get more competition as younger (sorry Marcin) tennis pros take up the game. Well, here’s some evidence in the video below that its beginning to happen. Have a look.

Andy’s doing it..

After having a look, plan on playing some pickleball on the new courts this week. Organized Play times are:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons at 2-4pm,
Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am-noon.

“Newbies” are welcomed and helped to get started. Just let us know below when you’re coming, so we’re ready.

Ouch! Not so hard…………

Caught in “no man’s land” and struggling to get to the net, and you’re getting blasted by some hard hitter, sooo what do you do (besides ducking)?  Well, here’s a video by a top player, Scott Moore, about taking the speed off the incoming ball and getting to the net without bruises.

And after viewing, think about coming to the new courts this weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday morning at 10-12pm) and trying this new technique out. The new courts are playing very well in the morning, with nice sun and wind protection. See you there.

Oh, and let us know below if/when you’ll be there this weekend. Thanks.