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Inter-Club Matches……..

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Here’s some pics from the  inter-club “social play” we had with Toscana at our courts yesterday. As you can see, it was a fun time and quite social indeed (didn’t take pic of men-except one- as their not nearly as social). Anyways, fun was had by all.

The February schedule for Valley Inter-Club League matches is as follows:

Saturday, February 11, at 10am at IRCC : Palm Desert Greens  

Sunday, February 19 at 10am at IRCC: Tamarisk/Morningside  CCs

Saturday, February 25 at 10am at IRCC: The Lakes CC

A call for players will go out a few days before each match, but please mark your calendars for these league events. We had a great time with Trilogy CC recently and these matches should be some of the same.

The Forehand in Slow Motion…

Hey You Pickleballers,

Check out this helpful video with top pickleball champion Scott Moore who is known for his strong forehand shot. Watch his form in super slow motion with additional tips that pop up to give you more focused instruction on how to improve your forehand. The forehand is one of those strokes that you use again and again in pickleball. Just click on the link below and watch.

Forehand in Slow Motion

Oh, it’s going to be a sunny weekend, so come on down to the courts. It’s Organized Play today (Friday) at 2pm and then tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am. On Sunday, we’ll have a fun-filled inter-club match here with the Toscana CC at 10am.

What kind of pickle are you?

Well, you decide where you fit into the “pickle realm.” Personally,  I like ’em all, except the “Half-Sour,” of course.   I hope all of you are “Relishes” and playing in the Toscana inter-club here this Sunday (1/29) at 10am. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do in “Reply” below.  Spots are going fast, so do it now.

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A tip from “The Monster”……..

Our former tennis pro, Marcin Rozpedski, now next door at The Lakes, has been referred to as “The Monster.” I suspect it’s because he’s dominated the pro pickleball circuit, winning the US Open and the Nationals Pro Singles titles. Here he provides a tip about one of the reasons why he’s been so successful, “anticipation”. Click below and listen in.


Courts are dry, oh my……


I knew it, I knew it! As soon as we canceled match play last night for this morning, conditions changed. The courts are ready for play, but unfortunately the Trilogy Polo Club is not. However, I’ve got bananas and bars I need to unload, so let’s come down to the courts at 10am and play some pickle with the music playing. Come on!

Inter-club match tomorrow has to be rescheduled…..

Sorry to say we have to cancel the match tomorrow morning. Earlier, it looked like the rain would quit in the afternoon. Plus they’re forecasting heavy winds tomorrow. We’ll try to reschedule it but we have three other inter-club matches to play in February.

While we’re shutout inter-club wise, maybe our usual 10am Organized Play time might work. The three new courts do dry fast and maybe the wind won’t be too bad at that time. We’ll check the courts in the morning and let you all know the prospects.

Boy, we need to get out on the courts while the sun is shining. Particularly as Sunday appears will be another rainy day.

Stay tuned!

First Play Day Rescheduled ………..


Ah, the weatherman wins again. Our first Play Day event with Toscana, that was scheduled for this Sunday morning, will now be played next Sunday, 1/29, here at 10am. We understand that they’re bringing a good group of players, ready for some fun pickleball. We’ve got the courts and want you on them, so signup by replying below.

Oh, don’t confuse this with the inter-club league matches we’re playing this Saturday morning here at 10am with Trilogy Polo Club. We hope to get them in as the rain tapers off later tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

Pro Pickleball comes to the Valley…..

It’s the latest evidence that pickleball has become an established sport here in the Valley, as it has nationwide. The first pro tournament is coming in late March to our neighbor club, The Lakes, as announced below. There won’t be twenty-one new restaurants or expanded luxury boxes like at this year’s Tennis Garden, but The Lakes has a nice café and probably a snack stand (okay, so they don’t have Mr.”deep pockets” Ellison but they do have the nation’s number one pickleball pro, Marcin Rozpedski, our former pro). Anyways, this should be an excellent venue to see the-best-pickleball-played-anywhere up close. And there’s room in this open format for we amateurs to play along side the best there is, in skill-level competition or in taking a clinic. So, give it a look and put it on your calendar; they’ll be more info about it in the coming weeks.


First Pickleball Play Day……


We have regular inter-club league matches, like we’re having this Saturday morning, and then we have fun play days with a sister club, like we’re hosting here with Toscana Country Club this Sunday morning, January 22, at 10am. It will be open play with lots of opportunity to join others in friendly games. Toscana will bring a good group, so we want to show off our new courts with an equally good group. So, please join in this “first” play day event and let us know if you will attend Sunday morning at 10am by replying below. Thanks for your support.

Once again ……..


So, the Club has done it again, in support of we pickleballers. Remember, last year, when we had to tape lines on the old basketball court in order to have enough courts (4) to host our first inter-club league matches (the other club’s guys finally took over and finished the job – how embarrassing). Then this fall, four new courts were created and we couldn’t be more proud in showing them off last Saturday for this year’s opening league matches. Bravo for that! But then, we revealed to the Club how most of us get to the courts, from the road through that little gate behind the shrubs. And, to our surprise and delight, there was talk that the Club was thinking of building a new pathway to the courts. But then again, we cynics wondered when that might ever happen, given all the budget stuff, etc. Well, low and behold, it looks above like a whole new entry to the pickleball courts is near completion. Now, we’ll be able to march to the courts with a swagger like never before, thanks again to our Director, Randy Berg, and a responsive Club management.

NOW FOR OTHER BUSINESS: It looks now like the second league match scheduled for here at 10am this Saturday may come off as intended, with a backup afternoon time if the courts are not playable in the morning. As mentioned earlier, the following Indian Ridge pickleballers have already indicated their availability: the Shewfelts, Van Geels, Chapmans, Rod Smith, Jack Yeaton, George Balch, Fred Hartzman, and Kim Boesstam. If we’ve missed anyone or haven’t got it right, please let us know below. We hope to hear from the Mickelsons, LeFebres and any others who’d like to join in, particularly more women. We need your support.