Confirmed Roster for Saturday’s Match with Trilogy….

The following members are confirmed to play in the inter-club match here this Saturday morning at 10am. We’ve reach the optimum number (14) plus one.*

We’ll play one round (3games) of mixed doubles first and then a round (3 games) of men’s and women’s doubles. A third round of “whatever” may follow for those wanting more action. We’ve offered JKs to the Trilogy people for an after-play-lunch-mixer, as we did so successfully last year (it’s Dutch, of course), so many of us will join in (spouses invited as well). See you all Saturday at 10am.

Confirmed Men Players                                                      Confirmed Women Players

Fred Hartzman                                                                           Nancy Shewfelt

Jeff Halpern                                                                                 Niki Halpern

Lon Mickelson                                                                             Susan Mickelson

Dave Chapman                                                                            MJ Chapman

Dean Weise                                                                                     Kim Boestam

Jack Yeaton                                                                                     Susan Van Geel

Rod Smith

Jeff Pooley

Vin Spinosa

* We expect Trilogy to have three more women than men, so all of us should play.

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  1. Rod,

    I am not going to be able to play on the 21st. Just found out we are going to be out of town.


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