Our match with Trilogy CC today……….


After a rain-cancelation yesterday, we played some spectacular pickleball on all seven courts today. At the end, we tallied-up the scores and, after much anxiety on both sides, we jointly declared the matches “a tie.” Great fun with some very fine Trilogy players, after which we enjoyed lunch together at JKs (and our anxieties faded). What a good way to start the inter-club league season.

Now we have the other Trilogy (Trilogy Polo Club) scheduled for play next Saturday morning at 10am here at the Indian Ridge courts. While the weather forecast is miserable for next weekend, and we may have to reschedule again, let’s be optimistic. The following Indian Ridge pickleballers have already indicated their availability: the Shewfelts, Van Geels, Smiths, Jack Yeaton, George Balch, Fred Hartzman, and Kim Boesstam. If we’ve missed anyone or haven’t got it right, please let us know below. We hope to hear from the Mikelsons, Chapmans, Halperns and any others who’d like to join in. We need your support.

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  1. David and I can play next Saturday if you need us. Sunday is social with Toscana. Fun today. Nice group from trilogy!


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