Once again ……..


So, the Club has done it again, in support of we pickleballers. Remember, last year, when we had to tape lines on the old basketball court in order to have enough courts (4) to host our first inter-club league matches (the other club’s guys finally took over and finished the job – how embarrassing). Then this fall, four new courts were created and we couldn’t be more proud in showing them off last Saturday for this year’s opening league matches. Bravo for that! But then, we revealed to the Club how most of us get to the courts, from the road through that little gate behind the shrubs. And, to our surprise and delight, there was talk that the Club was thinking of building a new pathway to the courts. But then again, we cynics wondered when that might ever happen, given all the budget stuff, etc. Well, low and behold, it looks above like a whole new entry to the pickleball courts is near completion. Now, we’ll be able to march to the courts with a swagger like never before, thanks again to our Director, Randy Berg, and a responsive Club management.

NOW FOR OTHER BUSINESS: It looks now like the second league match scheduled for here at 10am this Saturday may come off as intended, with a backup afternoon time if the courts are not playable in the morning. As mentioned earlier, the following Indian Ridge pickleballers have already indicated their availability: the Shewfelts, Van Geels, Chapmans, Rod Smith, Jack Yeaton, George Balch, Fred Hartzman, and Kim Boesstam. If we’ve missed anyone or haven’t got it right, please let us know below. We hope to hear from the Mickelsons, LeFebres and any others who’d like to join in, particularly more women. We need your support.

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