Pro Pickleball comes to the Valley…..

It’s the latest evidence that pickleball has become an established sport here in the Valley, as it has nationwide. The first pro tournament is coming in late March to our neighbor club, The Lakes, as announced below. There won’t be twenty-one new restaurants or expanded luxury boxes like at this year’s Tennis Garden, but The Lakes has a nice café and probably a snack stand (okay, so they don’t have Mr.”deep pockets” Ellison but they do have the nation’s number one pickleball pro, Marcin Rozpedski, our former pro). Anyways, this should be an excellent venue to see the-best-pickleball-played-anywhere up close. And there’s room in this open format for we amateurs to play along side the best there is, in skill-level competition or in taking a clinic. So, give it a look and put it on your calendar; they’ll be more info about it in the coming weeks.