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Valley Pickleball Pros on stage……

It’s a fact that the “Valley Pros” in the Indian Ridge pickleball exhibition a week from this Friday, March 3rd at 4pm, include at least two current national champions. One of them, Marcin Rozpedski, was our Club’s Tennis Pro before moving to The Lakes CC and taking up pickleball with a vengeance, becoming nationally the #1 pro in singles. He and Morgan Evans, now at Shadow Mountain CC, are a top national pro doubles team, as well. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss this event on our center court.


t 4pm

Great day with The Lakes folks….

Seems we all had some good competition on a beautiful day on the courts. Here’s the group photo, with IRCC on our left and The Lakes CC on our right.
Oh, as someone asked, the captains did again pore over the match results and could only call it “a draw!” We’ve another inter-club match next Saturday, so let’s get to the courts tomorrow and M/W/F and polish our games. Maybe we can have a more decisive outcome this time.



Inter-Club Match with The Lakes…..


We had a good time last Sunday morning with a fine group of pickleballers from the combined clubs of Tamarisk and Morningside, as the group photo suggests. Now we have another challenge this Saturday at 10am when the folks from The Lakes will be here. They’ll probably have a larger group so we need “all hands on deck!” Please let me know your availability below. Thanks and see you on the courts.

Sunday’s Match with Morningside/Tamarisk CCs………

Weather permitting (It looks good!), we’ll play with  a combined  Morningside/Tamarisk pickleball team this Sunday (2/19) on our courts at 10am. The following is a list those we think have committed to play. If you’d like to play and we’ve missed knowing it, please let us know below and plan to come to the courts.  We’ll rotate you in, for sure.

Dave Burtt
Chris Burtt
Jim Gottesman
Susan Van Geel
Jon Van Geel
Nancy Shewfelt
Clark Shewfelt
Beth Keno
Jim Gel.. (?)
Jack Yeaton
Rod Smith




Match with Palm Desert Greens……


We hope you all had a fun but challenging time today playing against the PDG team. The group photo suggests there was a mutual desire to pickle the morning away. We since received a very nice “thank you” email from their captain. If you have any comments about today’s play or suggestions for future inter-club matches, let us have them below.

Our next inter-club is Sunday, February 19, here at 10am with the combined Tamarisk/Morningside team. So, let us know below if you can make it.
See you on the courts in the interim.

Palm Desert Greens is coming..

Hey Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

As announced recently, Palm Desert Greens is coming here for an inter-club match with us this Saturday at 10am.   It should be a sunny, pleasant morning on the courts, so let us know by replying below if you are available to play. All skill levels are needed. Thanks


The latest look and plans to celebrate……








Hey Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

You’ve probably  noticed or walked the new gateway to the courts and read the sign: “Pickleball Pavilion.”  We can all be even prouder now when we host inter-club events and entertain our guests (and we don’t have to slip through the little  maintenance gate again). Thank you Club management.

So, given the new courts and the new look, there’s been discussion about having a Club-wide celebration. One possibility we’ve discussed is having our former tennis pro and the-nationally-top-ranked pickleball pro now at The Lakes, Marcin Rozpedski, put on an exhibition and clinic.    This raises the question of when, given his busy schedule and conflicts with  events on the Club calendar. One possible date/time is Thursday, February 23, from 3-5pm. But that may be in significant conflict with the last day of the popular U. S. vs. Canada golf event. So, the first question is how many of you are likely to be in that event  and not available for the exhibition and clinic? Otherwise, if we can’t schedule it  then, how many of you would be available one afternoon in early Match, during the early rounds of the Indian Wells tournament?    Please reply below ASAP so we can provide our input to management right away. Thanks and see you on the courts.


The Basic Third Shot Drop…

Hey Indian Ridge pickleballers,

Are you anxious about getting your game to a higher level. Well, this video has some tips on some basic third shot techniques. There are many other options and solutions when it comes to third shot, but this is focused on particular things that you can expand on the more experienced you get with your third shot.  So, take a look and then come down to the courts and practice. See you there..

The Basic Third Shot Drop