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Hey Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

You’ve probably  noticed or walked the new gateway to the courts and read the sign: “Pickleball Pavilion.”  We can all be even prouder now when we host inter-club events and entertain our guests (and we don’t have to slip through the little  maintenance gate again). Thank you Club management.

So, given the new courts and the new look, there’s been discussion about having a Club-wide celebration. One possibility we’ve discussed is having our former tennis pro and the-nationally-top-ranked pickleball pro now at The Lakes, Marcin Rozpedski, put on an exhibition and clinic.    This raises the question of when, given his busy schedule and conflicts with  events on the Club calendar. One possible date/time is Thursday, February 23, from 3-5pm. But that may be in significant conflict with the last day of the popular U. S. vs. Canada golf event. So, the first question is how many of you are likely to be in that event  and not available for the exhibition and clinic? Otherwise, if we can’t schedule it  then, how many of you would be available one afternoon in early Match, during the early rounds of the Indian Wells tournament?    Please reply below ASAP so we can provide our input to management right away. Thanks and see you on the courts.


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  1. We’re in Cda/ US tourney .. we’re also out of town Mar 4-18 but don’t change date if that works for everyone !


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