For a very good cause….

Hi Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

This  blog site was conceived as a volunteer-run vehicle to aid in the development of the emerging pickleball sport here at Indian Ridge. Despite this single purpose, which we take seriously, there has arisen a very good question by one of our pickleball enthusiasts: could we as a sports group communicator help promote a good Club-related cause?    Well, yes in this case we can. So here’s the important message from the good-cause -spokesman-pickleballer:

“Indian Ridge has a rich history as a CV club that is very active in charitable giving.  We have an opportunity as a close knit community to demonstrate our appreciation to the people that have actively enhanced and maintained our facility, perhaps now the best club pickleball venue in the Valley.


The Scholarship Fund is an extremely meaningful way to thank our employees for their loyal service to us and in many cases provides an opportunity to a young person to attend college who would otherwise not have the ability to do so. If you read some of the thank you letters on the Scholarship Fund web site (, you will see how important this financial help is to these deserving young people.


The fitness desk staff will be accepting donations for the Fund.  Please make your checks out to Desert Community Foundation, which is the low-cost, non-profit organization that administers the funds and works with the students.  The website contains information about DCF should you have any questions, or feel free to contact David Garfinkel at 516 528-1453, or”

So here you have it: a very good cause deserves support.