Great Pickleball fun was had…


We hope you had a chance to witness this Valley Pro exhibition at the Club today. It was an astounding display of pickleball madness, with balls banging back and forth: “no way he’d get that one–oh, wow, he got it back.” Here we had the best of the best play, lots of dinking finesse (for seemingly 5 minutes at a time) and then BOOM, BANG, BANG, BOOM, BANG and the point was quickly over. Two games to eleven were played and it took about 50 minutes, while we usually take about half the time (’cause we just BANG, BOOM, PLOP). A great time to see the game played magnificently.

Now, back to reality. While we have Experience Indian Ridge guests using the courts tomorrow at 10am-12pm, there should be a couple of courts available for regular member play. If you do come down, please check with Rod and the two Daves, who are helping Randy guide some 21 expected guests in learning and playing pickleball. We may need some extra support if they all show up. Thanks in advance.