Good Stuff and Time changes….

We hope as many of you as possible took in the pro pickleball exhibition at the Club last weekend. The four pros below (from left:  Marcin Rozpedski/ranked #1 in the world, Blake Wilcox, Scott Burr, and Morgan Evans/ranked in top 3 nationally) played some incredible shots. Lots of patient dinking back and forth… and then “bang”,”bang”, “bang” went the volleys and smashes. Great stuff!


So daylight savings time (DST) begins tonight and we set our clocks ahead 1 hour. And, if our organized play times stay the same (2pm on M/W/F and 10am on Saturday and Sunday), it’ll seem like we’re playing at 1pm and 9am, according to the sun/heat. So, shouldn’t we just keep  playing at the current times, at least for awhile?   Or now that it is getting hotter, maybe we should start at 9am on Saturday and Sunday (which will be like 8am heat-wise now) and maybe we should try playing  the afternoon times at, say, 4pm or 6 or 7pm under lights?  Let us know below what you think.



3 thoughts on “Good Stuff and Time changes….

  1. I’d say keep them the same. Sun is a problem late afternoon and on Sunday I like to read The National Enquirer over coffee if I’m up by 9:00.


  2. The fifteen day forecast has us staying in the mid-nineties for a week then dropping back into the eighties and high seventies for the balance. Perhaps it’s premature to make the changes now? Maybe we tough it out for the first week and then look at the long range forecast again in about ten days or 14 days to make a decision?
    Personally, I like the 2-4 slot weekdays, and would like to keep that a while longer.
    That said, I’d like to try out playing under the lights as I never have before, and see if we would have any issues. What about setting up a couple of nights during the heat this week, in addition to the 2-4 slots, or on Tuesday or Thursday to “test the waters”? Any thoughts?


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