Hot times and the other thing…..

Well, we asked about your play-time preferences during this hot week. The responses were mixed about changing current times, with some saying “maybe” while two others observed that the change to daylight savings time and the expected drop in heat next week suggest we hold to the current times a while longer. Several thought an evening session during this hot week should be tested. Sooo, let’s try organized play this Thursday  at 6pm instead of Wednesday at 2pm (another party is using the courts Wednesday evening). Let us know below if you’ll play Thursday at 6pm, under lights.

Here’s “the other thing” – We’ve got seven good courts now  and a new walkway entrance – that’s good! But lately there’s been a mess around the courts, with papers and bottles strewn about and chairs left everywhere. While some of this may be caused by BNP-time guests and vacationing youngsters, we – the pickleball regulars- have been asked to help monitor the court area and keep it looking its best. Sooo, let’s be sure all’s in order when we leave the courts (or remind others to do so). And we understand from Randy Berg, who has upped the maintenance of the courts,  that we’ll get a star  next to our names if we help out. Thanks.