Saturday’s Inter-Club match….


As announced, this Saturday at 10am we will host two clubs , Sun City/Palm Desert and Trilogy/Polo Club, for some inter-club pickleball fun. Here are the names of those who have so far “signed up ” to play (hope we haven’t missed anyone and remembered the verbal requests) . Please let us know if there’s any change or you’d like to play (we have a couple more openings).

Kim, Rod, Dave R., Dave G., Dave B., Sue V., Jon V., Clark S. Nancy S., Susan B., Stan K., Beth K., Jim G.

Oh, as we’ll have up to 20 guest players and about 16 of our own, we’ll need help with the snacks. What has worked well in the past is bananas and grapes. Can we ask three of you to volunteer to each bring a dozen bananas and a good bunch of grapes (cost about $5)? Please say “yes” and let me know.

See y’all Saturday (and for an evening match tomorrow at 6pm?). Weather should be very nice both times.




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