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A while ago, we posted the request for people to call lines for pro matches at The Lakes CC tournament on March 31-April 2. Just a couple of us showed interest in doing so. Now we have received another appeal, with more detail about what’s involved and some options, including the idea of having an Indian Ridge “team”.  Seems an interesting approach, so we could do some good service as a team and maybe rotate some of us in for those who might not be available all three days or certain times on any given day (plus we can hang out together, watching the matches during off times or enjoying those meals they offer).     We get to see exciting world-class pro pickleball up close and get a tee shirt in the bargain.   If we have enough participation, probably  we can arrange for the brief training session and the court assignments at times that work for us. So, read the deal below and let us know below if you will join our “team” of lines people, representing Indian Ridge at this first pro tournament.   If you have any questions, we’ll get answers, but let us know your interest now. Thanks “team”

Thank you for reaching out .  I understand you have a few people available, and are about to send a note out for more.  I am connecting you directly to Dottie Gough, her most recent message below:

We need lines people for Friday, March 31Saturday, April 1Sunday, April 2.  We need am & pm shifts.  We are hoping to get enough so volunteers will only have to work three 20 minute matches.  Of course they can work more but I ‘m worried about the heat.  We will provide chairs, T-shirts and a meal. They can be put in a 4 man team or even form their own  team with their friends.
Also copying Byron Freso – he has been coordinating the Certified Ref piece, and will advise on linesperson training.

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  1. I can help. I’m also doing Marcins clinic on mar 30 from 10-12 am. I could help out in pm on Mar 31 and also Apr 1 or 2?


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