We did go “bananas” and more…..


We’d have to admit that Saturday’s inter-club with both Trilogy/Polo Club and Sun City was a rousing affair (although it started out calmly with photos taken – as you see above). Players were popping in and out at game ends and it had a touch of anarchy at times (the TPC captain even jump into the wrong court game). But it was fun, in a loony sort of way. Next time we’ll not be as generous with late comers and set some limits (like a maximum of 16 from a club or 10 when doing a three-club match as this one).  Anyways, thanks to Kim and Susan for all the bananas and other goodies. Well done.

There’s  been continued interest in pickleball under the lights, so we’re scheduling one more this Thursday eve at 6pm. Hope you can all make it. Let us know below if you will.

Finally, remember that The Lakes CC next to us is hosting the first Pro/am tournament in the Desert this coming weekend, featuring national champs like Marcin Rozpedski, Morgan Evans and Scott Burr, whose exciting play we enjoyed at the exhibition here three weeks ago. They’ll be playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some of us are serving as linespeople for the pro matches and playing in the amateur section. So come on over (schedule of daily events listed in the flyer copy below). We’ll attempt to blog specific match times as they develop during those three days.