Tomorrow and then Sunday ??????

Some have asked if we’re having organized play tomorrow. “Yes” and “Yes!”

However, in order to accommodate those who might like to take in the pro mixed doubles semi-final and gold matches at The Lakes, let’s plan on starting at 9 am tomorrow, rather than 10am. Sunday will be a loaded day at The Lakes tournament, with the pro Men’s doubles being featured, as well as being  a lot hotter day. So, let’s start organized play Sunday at 9am too. Hope this is satisfying to all.

Oh, I’m sorry to report that Marcin Rozpedski, our former tennis pro and national champ in singles, lost today in the gold medal pro singles match to a much younger Florida pro, Kyle Yeates (Marcin had to have medical aid near the end of the match). So it’s all the more reason to take in the Pro Men’s Doubles final Sunday, when Marcin should be playing with Morgan Evans from the local Shadow Mountain CC (they’re ranked #2 nationally).