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A Happy Party and some changes………………………


Seems all had a good time playing and partying after last Thursday evening. One super senior (moi!) particularly appreciated the good-talk and gift as you can see below (first he’s surprised, then choked up, but didn’t collapse). Thanks and more thanks to all.



Please note some changes in organized play times that have been requested. First, Saturday and Sunday morning play times are changed from 9am to 8:30am, to further beat the heat. Also, as requested, we’re introducing an organized play time on Wednesday mornings at 8:30am.    


Some thoughts as the season melts away……….

We’ve got some good weeks left before the majority of players are gone north or coastal.  The “See ya!” play and after-party Thursday evening was well attend, with some toasts, a little frying and lots of chit-chat (needed a few more hugs?).  Also, we started reflecting on the past season’s activities and thinking about what we can do to make next season even better.

One of the things may be strengthening the quality of our play (not you Fred!) so more of us will feel comfortable playing more competitively, perhaps in one of desert  tournaments next season (we had only three linespeople and a couple of players in the last one at The Lakes).  Other clubs and non-club groups focus a lot on competitive play and, while we’ll continue to enjoy lots of “hit and giggle” play (not you Fred!),  we seem increasingly ready to get a little  more training to this end. Here’s the writer’s brother (exhorting those plugged into the Delray Beach Pickleball Forum he manages) encouraging involvement and further development in today’s blog:

“To all our local players competing in Naples and The Villages this upcoming week, good playing and make sure the opponents know where you play out of….People will take notice…
Also, in May I would like to have a get together with all the tournament (Naples and Villages) players to discuss what areas of weakness of play that you’ve observed and what your thoughts are on how we can improve our training environment”

May be we should form an ad hoc development team (yes you Fred!) to suggest a program we can all benefit from and grow our games.  For example, there are drills that can help and still be fun, such as the one in the video below. Check it out and let us have your thoughts and comments below on the subject.

A fun drill

Oh, and lastly, there’s been a request that we have another organized play time on Wednesday mornings at 9am and also start play earlier, say 8:30 am, on Saturdays and Sundays to beat the heat. What do you think?

The “See Ya!” party………..


We’ve pieced together responses to the blog earlier this week about having some evening play this Thursday (4/20) followed by an informal end-of-season party gathering (called it a “See Ya!”  party to recognize that a number of us are leaving soon). There seems to be enough interest to go ahead with it, but with a couple of changes and needs, as follows:

  1. Let’s party after play by going to the clubhouse and gathering on the Palmer Court (the outside patio). We’ve check the dress code and we can wear our pickleball duds as long as we have a collared shirt or collared jacket;
  2. Let’s start play at 5:30 so we can get to the clubhouse by at least 6:45, as they close up at 8pm;
  3. We implore MJ to bring her hot music system to enliven play (then we can do the “dinking dance”?); and
  4. Dave Burtt will act as our “bouncer for the evening,” so let’s all behave.

Please RSVP below so we know how many party-goers we have.

Your Forever-Dinking (drinking?) Committee


Some interesting news and maybe a party?????


We all had a very enjoyable time at the Sun City courts last Thursday evening. After pizza and beer, there were vows to do it again next season, but this time at Indian Ridge.

An earlier event, actually two weeks ago at The Lakes CC, was the first pro/am tournament in our desert. While our local pros didn’t fair too well, we (Indian Ridge pickleballers) were represented by the team of Jack Yeaton and his elder (Rod Smith). And while they did manage to pick up bronze medals, it was so late in the final day that the bronze medal supply had run out.  The team  was quite willing to accept silver or gold, but that offer was declined. Anyways, the bronze medals did arrive this week, as you can see by the gleeful (silly-looking)  team member below. We guess the  moral of the story is  “better late than never” or “those who wish for silver or gold had better accept bronze or get nothing.”

Finally, there’s been interest in a “See Ya!” pickleball party before the season really winds down and our very fine Canadian players escape north. So, let us know below if you’re interested in having a play & party event this Thursday (4/20) at 6pm, with some round-robin play followed by pizza and libations. We can each chip in, say $5-10, per player and we’ll ask for volunteers to order & pick up the goodies.    If all goes well, it’s likely we’ll have a “welcome back” party next November as well. So let us know your thoughts.

Some things to check out….

We play along and wonder sometimes if we’re doing it right. Well, one way to check it is to watch some pros do it. Here’s a recent Gold Metal match that has all the right moves and fast action. Just click on it.

Very good mens doubles match

Oh, and here’s the overview of the recent Pro/Am tournament at The Lakes CC., where some of us were linespeople (like Dave Burtt, Nancy Shewfelt ) and players like Jack Yeaton. Hopefully next year we’ll have more Indian Ridge pickleballers participating.

Last week’s pro tournament at The Lakes CC

Don’t forget we have revised organized play times now:

Saturday and Sunday at 9am

Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm.

See you on the courts.

Tomorrow evening at Sun City…..

Here’ s information we received from the Sun City organizer, for those of you listed below as confirmed to play  in this fun event (they only have 6 courts reserved which caps the number we bring):

“We are scheduled for play at 6pm, with pizza and drinks at 7:30pm. Please come early to warm up and meet our players.

At the main entrance gate, please tell the attendant that you are from Indian Ridge to play in a Pickleball tournament. They will provide easy directions to the courts.

Please provide me a list of your 12 players, and wear name tags if possible. We have 5 gals and 7 guys on our roster.

I’ll schedule 3 rounds of play, followed by open play.

We look forward to an evening of fun.


Here’s the final list of those confirmed to play:

Nancy Shewfelt
Sue Van Geel
Beth Keno
Charlene Torpy
Nancy Smith
Clark Shewfelt
Jon Van Geel
Jim Gilford
Dave Burtt
Spencer Torpy
Rod Smith
Jack Yeaton

We’ve been asked to chip in $5 per head for the pizza & drinks. Oh, and we’ve got the name tags made out already. See you there a bit before 6pm.


Was Toscana, now Sun City….

Toscana-IRCC Inter-club Matches, 2017

Such fun we had with the Toscana folks yesterday (Sunday, April 9) at our courts. Special thanks to our MJ Chapman for setting it up and to Karen (?), their leader, for “like herding cats,” as one observer commented.  We did try a new round robin system, which seemed to work except when it pitted some brutes against some fair sexes. Maybe when some refinements it’ll do? Any comments?

So this week we have organized play at 6pm Tuesday and then we off to play at Sun City Palm Desert at 6pm on Thursday, with pizza/drinks offered after at 7:30. We currently have 7 players signed up (see below) and we need 5 more to meet the SCPD sponsor’s request. Please sign up by replying below. Should be a fun evening!

Signups to date:

Nancy & Clark Shewfelt

Jim Gilford & Beth Keno

Rod & Nancy smith

Dave Burtt


Tomorrow’s Match with Toscana…..


We expect some good and challenging pickleball matches with the Toscana people tomorrow (Sunday 4/9). We’re going to try a Round Robin format that should provide at  least six 11/2 games for each player. Before setting it up, we’d like to confirm the players who have asked to play. So check this list ASAP and let us know below if we missed you  or you can’t now make it. Otherwise, we’ll expect to see you at 9am, on a great weather day for pickleball.

IRCC Player List:

MJ & David Chapman

Christie & David Burtt

Kim & Michael Boestram

Phil & Simone Bradshaw

Stan Kravitz & Susan Bogan

Fred Hartzman & Andrea Rifkin

Jim Gilford & Beth Keno

Spencer Torpy

Rod Smith

Thanks for your immediate attention!



This and That…….


Hope to see many of you at the Thursday evening play tonight at 6pm. Maybe we should start calling this a paddle-swap opportunity, as Dave Burtt found a nice green Onix one the other day and Dave Ross can’t find his red, elongated Paddletex  paddle left at the courts yesterday.

Sunday morning’s fun play at 9am with the Toscana CC folks has shrunk some what with some of their  cancellations. While we expect about a  half-dozen of their players, we can all get a lot of good play in as we’ll have a full dozen or more of our players and plenty of courts to fill.

I’m happy to say that we’ve been invited to play an evening match next Thursday (4/13) at Sun City –  Palm Desert at 6pm. We need a dozen IR players and have been offered drinks and pizza following play at 7:30pm. Sounds like a great fun evening ! Let us know if your “in” with a reply message below.

See you at the courts tonight.

Some changes…


We made a couple of bobos in the blog yesterday. First, the fun play event with Toscana on Sunday will start at 9am. Also, we’ll do organized play on Saturdays and Sundays at 9am, rather than 10am, as the heat rises.  We’ll consider soon if we should change the 2pm  Monday/Wednesday/Friday organized play times, or just go to 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the balance of the season. Let us know your thoughts below on this matter. Tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 6pm will be our second “test” play under fading sun & lights (the first test last week worked well).

See you on the courts this Thursday at 6pm.