Exciting Pickleball Weekend…………….


An exciting pickleball weekend, next door at The Lakes, had the leading pros in the country going after each other, and some Indian Ridgers getting experience as linespeople and even playing some in this first Pro/Am event in the Valley. Special kudos to Dave Burtt and Nancy Shewfelt who called lines for pro matches throughout the weekend, while Rod Smith managed to call only one match, albeit a gold medal one.

Sad news is that our former pro, Marcin Rozpedski (now the head guy at The Lakes), lost to Floridian Kyle Yeats in the singles (see Yeats’ mobility in photo below) and lost both the  Men’s and Mixed doubles. Our take on this is (1) being the tournament’s majordomo can take its toll vis a vis focused play and (2) pro competition is getting younger and faster. The tournaments last-day results can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of this blog.



Then there was the amateur play entry of Indian Ridgers Jack Yeaton and Rod Smith, a/k/a “los viejos zorros,” * who trudged through some five matches – 10 games in four hours in the mid-day heat. Their reward was Bronze Medals and  $20  (see their happy faces and drained bodies in the photo below).  What’s sad about this happy result is not having more of an IRCC representation at such a close-by, prestigious tournament. But it’s planned to have this tournament again next season, so let’s work on our games and have a number of our own join los viejos zorros  in 2018.  Then we’ll be referred to as “los jovenes zorros,”** well maybe just  “los zorros.”

*”the ol’foxes”

** “the young foxes”

Last Day Results at The Lakes


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