This and That…….


Hope to see many of you at the Thursday evening play tonight at 6pm. Maybe we should start calling this a paddle-swap opportunity, as Dave Burtt found a nice green Onix one the other day and Dave Ross can’t find his red, elongated Paddletex  paddle left at the courts yesterday.

Sunday morning’s fun play at 9am with the Toscana CC folks has shrunk some what with some of their  cancellations. While we expect about a  half-dozen of their players, we can all get a lot of good play in as we’ll have a full dozen or more of our players and plenty of courts to fill.

I’m happy to say that we’ve been invited to play an evening match next Thursday (4/13) at Sun City –  Palm Desert at 6pm. We need a dozen IR players and have been offered drinks and pizza following play at 7:30pm. Sounds like a great fun evening ! Let us know if your “in” with a reply message below.

See you at the courts tonight.

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  1. Hoping this reaches Rod: We have 3 injuries in our group and they won’t be going over for beginners PB lesson on Sat morning. Thanks, Susan Bogan

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