Tomorrow’s Match with Toscana…..


We expect some good and challenging pickleball matches with the Toscana people tomorrow (Sunday 4/9). We’re going to try a Round Robin format that should provide at  least six 11/2 games for each player. Before setting it up, we’d like to confirm the players who have asked to play. So check this list ASAP and let us know below if we missed you  or you can’t now make it. Otherwise, we’ll expect to see you at 9am, on a great weather day for pickleball.

IRCC Player List:

MJ & David Chapman

Christie & David Burtt

Kim & Michael Boestram

Phil & Simone Bradshaw

Stan Kravitz & Susan Bogan

Fred Hartzman & Andrea Rifkin

Jim Gilford & Beth Keno

Spencer Torpy

Rod Smith

Thanks for your immediate attention!



1 thought on “Tomorrow’s Match with Toscana…..

  1. Hi Rod, we just flew in today, so If we could be added to the list for tomorrow that would be great. Sue and Jon Van Geel ________________________________


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