Tomorrow evening at Sun City…..

Here’ s information we received from the Sun City organizer, for those of you listed below as confirmed to play  in this fun event (they only have 6 courts reserved which caps the number we bring):

“We are scheduled for play at 6pm, with pizza and drinks at 7:30pm. Please come early to warm up and meet our players.

At the main entrance gate, please tell the attendant that you are from Indian Ridge to play in a Pickleball tournament. They will provide easy directions to the courts.

Please provide me a list of your 12 players, and wear name tags if possible. We have 5 gals and 7 guys on our roster.

I’ll schedule 3 rounds of play, followed by open play.

We look forward to an evening of fun.


Here’s the final list of those confirmed to play:

Nancy Shewfelt
Sue Van Geel
Beth Keno
Charlene Torpy
Nancy Smith
Clark Shewfelt
Jon Van Geel
Jim Gilford
Dave Burtt
Spencer Torpy
Rod Smith
Jack Yeaton

We’ve been asked to chip in $5 per head for the pizza & drinks. Oh, and we’ve got the name tags made out already. See you there a bit before 6pm.