Some interesting news and maybe a party?????


We all had a very enjoyable time at the Sun City courts last Thursday evening. After pizza and beer, there were vows to do it again next season, but this time at Indian Ridge.

An earlier event, actually two weeks ago at The Lakes CC, was the first pro/am tournament in our desert. While our local pros didn’t fair too well, we (Indian Ridge pickleballers) were represented by the team of Jack Yeaton and his elder (Rod Smith). And while they did manage to pick up bronze medals, it was so late in the final day that the bronze medal supply had run out.  The team  was quite willing to accept silver or gold, but that offer was declined. Anyways, the bronze medals did arrive this week, as you can see by the gleeful (silly-looking)  team member below. We guess the  moral of the story is  “better late than never” or “those who wish for silver or gold had better accept bronze or get nothing.”

Finally, there’s been interest in a “See Ya!” pickleball party before the season really winds down and our very fine Canadian players escape north. So, let us know below if you’re interested in having a play & party event this Thursday (4/20) at 6pm, with some round-robin play followed by pizza and libations. We can each chip in, say $5-10, per player and we’ll ask for volunteers to order & pick up the goodies.    If all goes well, it’s likely we’ll have a “welcome back” party next November as well. So let us know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Some interesting news and maybe a party?????

  1. Yes love the idea of a farewell Pickleball party on Thursday. No sure David can play due to injury. Happy to organize food and pick up pizza!


  2. We could also be there..we may or may not have our son and his friend with us as he’s in town.


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